10 Most Common Car Repair Problems

10 Most Common Car Repair Problems
Car Repair
Feb 2017

At Robert's Collision & Repair, we've seen the whole range of car troubles! Here's a handful of the most common problems that auto repair shops like us see. Our list here happens to also be backed by several studies done on auto repair too. If you're having any trouble with any of these parts of your car, come see us!

10. Driver-Installed Add-Ons
Often, when drivers install extras like alarm systems, radios, or wireless devices in their car, it will divert power from other necessary car systems and cause problems. It's best to have these things installed at the store or at an auto shop to ensure this doesn't become a problem.

?>9. Gaskets
Although certainly not the most common culprit of automotive issues, improperly functioning gaskets can reduce the fuel efficiency of your car.

8. Ignition Coils
These work together with spark plugs to get your car moving, and are not very driver-friendly when it comes to repairs and replacements. Because these are such important pieces to your car's functionality, efficiency, and safety, it's best to get the repaired and resolved by professionals.

7. Coolant Sensor
The big problem with dysfunctional coolant or other types of sensors in the car is that you lose the ability to tell if a bigger issue is building up, e.g., an engine could easily overheat without the driver knowing until the damage is far past reparable simply because the coolant sensor was out. Little issues like these are some of the most common and potentially the most detrimental, which is why regular maintenance checks are so important for your car and your pocketbook.

6. Exhaust Recirculation Valve.
This was another of the most common issues that warranted car repair in the past several years. The exhaust recirculation valve is a critical component of your car's emissions system.

5. Spark Plugs
Even those replacing these on your own can be fairly inexpensive, it's a far better investment to have professionals install them so that you can avoid improper installation that can cause the spark plugs to damage far more expensive parts in your car.

4. Mass Air Flow Sensor.
Just like with the coolant sensor, when this puppy is broken, other issues easily accumulate without the driver knowing. This problem can be avoided with frequently replaced air filters. This is a much more economic maintenance fix, as replacing air filters is substantially less expensive than replacing the sensor itself.

3. Catalytic Converter.
This problem should by all accounts be non-existent in well cared for vehicle. Why? Because this expensive repair isn't necessary unless a smaller issue in the car goes unresolved. We may sound like a broken record at this point, but we can't stress enough why regular maintenance is important. The fact that this is in the top three most common issues just exemplifies that vehicle maintenance and upkeep are imperative.

2. Loose Fuel Caps
This may be the second most common car repair issue, but it's the number one reason why check engine lights come on. Broken or loose fuel caps also have a devastating effect on fuel economy, so the $10 or so that it takes to replace are well worth it.

1. Oxygen Sensors.
We'll say it again- sensors are so key for car's functional longevity. And this particular sensor is the most common culprit in auto repair. Its main job is balancing the fuel being used at the moment with oxygen. Although it's easily repaired by the driver, newer cars have the sensor located in an area of the car that's quite a hassle to reach, and for an inexperienced repairman, it may be easier to take it in our auto shop for a replacement.

There you have it! The top ten list of most common repairs. Remember, the best response for any car trouble is to do something, to get to a parts store or bring the car in to see us directly, and not let it worsen. If you run into trouble with your vehicle, let us know! We're happy to help at Robert's Collision & Repair.

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